Monday, 8 May 2017

When I first went vegan back in 2011 I used to make big muffin loaves in huge dishes, with blueberries mostly. I hadn't done it in such a long time, so in April I gave it a go with mashed bananas too and it came out really well. I just googled a vegan blueberry muffin recipe and improvised a bit and it was tasty!

FML I simply cannot get these images rotated.

It was Glasgow Zinefest on the May day bank holiday weekend and I had two new zines ready for it, including a split zine with Tukru. I've been confused as to how much I want to continue making perzines but I really enjoyed putting this one together in the end, and wrote a bit about starting a band and playing a gig last year. Sorry I literally CANNOT make this photo rotate!

I also made a mini zine from one A4 piece of paper, about pen pal stories. Some of the content is what I discussed on the OPNLETTERS podcast a while back, but I felt it would be good to make it into a mini zine. Anyway both of my zines are now up on my etsy shop here!

In the workshop space was a printmaking workshop with Paperchase that ran all day and was completely free, so that was pretty ace. You got to make prints with sheets of foam which was a really simple, cheap and fun way to print. I made this print, which I think came out pretty well as it was the first time I had printed in a while and the first time I had tried to use foam.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

I made Pancakes from scratch on three separate occasions last week! With blueberries twice and bananas once. I just used the recipe on all recipes dot com for vegan pancakes and it went really well, I felt like I got better each time and that I have nailed pancakes now. We got some squirty golden syrup from Coop to put on top aswell, it was so good.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

This weekend I went to a craft workshop hosted by Salford Zine Library, and delivered by the two makers of Sugar Paper Zine, it was great! There were two projects you could try and I made a needle case that looked like a Penguin book, such a cool idea! There was a lot of chat about what pun to use, the example was 'A Loom of her own' by Virginia Wool - very good. I decided to do a different one though and here it is:

The stitching isn't as neat as Seleena's cos she is a professional craft witch, but I am very pleased with it, I haven't done any sewing in bloody ages so making this felt so therapeutic and the workshop was so chilled out. We also got a goody bag with some other projects in so maybe this is the start of more craft themed blog posts on this blog.

Anyway the whole afternoon happened because Seleena and Kandy have an exhibition up at Salford Zine Library! I love the massive knitted glue stick, definitely worth a look see.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Yesterday I made two vegan meals from scratch! Yes, one was avocado on toast which isn't very unique/tricky to do. I sprinkled Chia seeds on the top as I have a big bag of them I bought in bulk online, I think they add a nice crunch. They kind of look like sesame seeds.

Then for tea I made three recipes from Isa Chandra Moscovitz's book 'Appetite for Reduction' - which is her 'low calorie' book. I'm not into anything diet related so don't worry, I just really like this book because the recipes are so simple to follow and on the whole, don't have too any fancy/expensive ingredients in them. Got to admit I got some assistance from a pal to make this, thanks Steve!

The red coloured thing is brown rice, red lentils and beetroot in a mix - I adapted with from a recipe with pearl barley because I realised we didnt have it. I love how beetroot has transformed simple ingredients! There is then sweet potato mash with apple in it - such a great combination really sweet and nice, I grated some smoked vegan cheese on top, though that was totally not essential. 

Then there is onions, sliced courgettes and seitan - though I layered this in some broth (a mix made by the Unicorn, a local coop) in a dish in the oven and it got a bit wet, not as crispy as I would like but the flavour was still awesome! The broth was a really tasty gravy for the courgettes and onions too. YUM!