Sunday, 15 January 2017

Yesterday I made two vegan meals from scratch! Yes, one was avocado on toast which isn't very unique/tricky to do. I sprinkled Chia seeds on the top as I have a big bag of them I bought in bulk online, I think they add a nice crunch. They kind of look like sesame seeds.

Then for tea I made three recipes from Isa Chandra Moscovitz's book 'Appetite for Reduction' - which is her 'low calorie' book. I'm not into anything diet related so don't worry, I just really like this book because the recipes are so simple to follow and on the whole, don't have too any fancy/expensive ingredients in them. Got to admit I got some assistance from a pal to make this, thanks Steve!

The red coloured thing is brown rice, red lentils and beetroot in a mix - I adapted with from a recipe with pearl barley because I realised we didnt have it. I love how beetroot has transformed simple ingredients! There is then sweet potato mash with apple in it - such a great combination really sweet and nice, I grated some smoked vegan cheese on top, though that was totally not essential. 

Then there is onions, sliced courgettes and seitan - though I layered this in some broth (a mix made by the Unicorn, a local coop) in a dish in the oven and it got a bit wet, not as crispy as I would like but the flavour was still awesome! The broth was a really tasty gravy for the courgettes and onions too. YUM!