Wednesday, 22 February 2017

This weekend I went to a craft workshop hosted by Salford Zine Library, and delivered by the two makers of Sugar Paper Zine, it was great! There were two projects you could try and I made a needle case that looked like a Penguin book, such a cool idea! There was a lot of chat about what pun to use, the example was 'A Loom of her own' by Virginia Wool - very good. I decided to do a different one though and here it is:

The stitching isn't as neat as Seleena's cos she is a professional craft witch, but I am very pleased with it, I haven't done any sewing in bloody ages so making this felt so therapeutic and the workshop was so chilled out. We also got a goody bag with some other projects in so maybe this is the start of more craft themed blog posts on this blog.

Anyway the whole afternoon happened because Seleena and Kandy have an exhibition up at Salford Zine Library! I love the massive knitted glue stick, definitely worth a look see.